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The 39th Senate District of Georgia is truly a Fulton County district. The district literally cuts through the heart of Atlanta and then works its way through East Point, College Park, Union City, finally ending in the new city of South Fulton.

​The district has a population of 181, 644 residents, 64% African-American, 24 % White, 6% Hispanic, and 4% Asian/Pacific Islander. The district encompasses 35 square miles and contains parts of 20 different zip codes.

​Most important, the district has 117, 109 registered voters. The voter turnout in the last election was at 57%.

This diverse district needs someone willing to fight for those issues that are important to its residents: A strong, vibrant economy; quality public school education; and safe communities for all our families. This district needs a public servant that has a progressive vision for its future and will speak truth to power on every issue affecting all of us.

That is why on December 5, 2017, we need to elect Linda Pritchett to the Georgia State Senate representing our beloved District 39.